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Return Address Labels | Vintage Parchment Style

  • Address Label Details

  • Price: $3.15*
  • Labels:
    Standard: 30 (per sheet)
    Wraparound: 24** (per set)
  • Minimum Order:
    Standard: 5 Sheets
    Wraparound: 1 set**
  • Availability: In stock*

  • Discount
  • Get a 10% discount when you order 10 sheets of standard return address labels or more.** If you're planning on sending out high volume these additional discount should be of interest to you:
  • Sheets Discount
    10 Save 10%
    25 Save 20%
    50 Save 30%
    75 Save 40%
    100 Save 50%
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Your Guarantee is 100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed

  1. Produced and shipped fast, this return address labels | vintage parchment style will be printed and shipped within 24 hours. Because, nobody likes to wait.
  2. If you're not satisfied with your return address labels | vintage parchment style you may return them for a full exchange, credit or refund within 30 days of receipt.
    • Only complete sheets may be returned. Incomplete sheets will not be accepted.

Personalize This Return Address Label

Personalizing your own custom return address labels is a snap. Do you like this return address labels | vintage parchment style? Here are the steps you need to follow to begin:

  1. Click on the button "Personalize Them!" to begin
    • On the next page you'll be able to view larger images of this return address label as well as see what the sheet of labels looks like
  2. Add your address to the easy to modify address label template
    • Some labels allow you to include additional text, monogram initials or even your own photos
  3. When you're satisfied with the results

Additional Information

Add style to your envelopes with these return address labels, bridal and couples shower invitations, and supplies featuring black custom text that you can personalize with a background that has an antique parchment paper textured style appearance.

*The price and availability for this return address label may change at any time. Envelopes are for example purposes only and are not included in the order. All return address label templates are copyright their respective owners.

**The wraparound return address labels quantity and minimum order differ from that of the standard label options. For wraparound options there is no minimum sheet order. Labels are sold in sets of 24 labels (one sheet contains 8 labels). The discounts do not apply to the wraparound options.